Classic Touring


Touring UK & Europe in a Classic Car

If you are planning a long European tour then a good comfortable and reliable vehicle is essential. Select First Motorhomes have been selling cars, motorhomes and caravans in the UK for over 10 years, so we know what customers require. We always have a good range of cars, campervans and motorhomes, and often have a choice of left or right hand drive options.

Vehicle Configuration

The motorhomes and campers are likely to be diesel-powered with a manual gearbox. Automatic gearbox versions are very rare in Europe. Bigger vehicles up to 3500Kgs are likely to be turbo-diesel engines with power steering and can be left or right hand drive. Most customers touring mainland Europe choose a left hand drive vehicle, and those planning to stay in the UK tend to choose right hand drive. However, if you are used to right hand drive, and would be more comfortable using this layout in Europe, you would not be alone.

Classic Car Servicing

All of our cars are well serviced and we always change cambelts well before the due dates. We try to make sure you will have a trouble-free tour, the vehicle will have a valid MOT test (ministry of transport test) all appliances will be serviced, and checked for efficient working and safety, and the motorhome will be cleaned with a detail valet before your collection. All of our motorhomes are quality well known European makes, no American RV’s (difficult to insure) and no cheap aftermarket conversions (almost impossible to insure), and remember, we are happy to buy it back from you so we make no compromises on quality.

If the vehicle is going to be your home for the next few weeks or months, it is advisable to go for as large a vehicle as you feel confident to drive, however some customers are happy to compromise space for something smaller, to access the more rural European locations. More recently fixed bed motorhomes and caravans have become popular, it can become quite tedious converting dining or lounge areas into beds every night. If you are travelling with a family, remember to make sure you have enough seats with seat belts, as well as sufficient beds.

Should I Buy a Sports Convertible or Sedan?

Motorhome or caravan layout is a matter of personal preference. Most of our motorhomes have decent washrooms, with either a separate or combined shower area with WC. Usually the motorhome will have a hot water boiler and heater, usually gas powered, and a kitchen with sink, fridge and some form of cooking facilities. The majority of our motorhomes will have wind out awnings, (essential for European summer evenings), fixed rear cycle racks (some layouts have an under bed garage instead) and may have other extras such as alarms, TV aerials, satellite dishes etc.

When you collect the vehicle, we will give you a comprehensive handover, and explain how everything works. This can easily take an hour especially if you are tired or jet lagged after a long flight! If you have never had a motorhome or caravan holiday before, and you do not take it all in first time then we are only a phone call away. We usually suggest you stay local for the first night, especially if you have just arrived after a long flight. We are happy to make suggestions and even book the site for you if you wish.

The choice of a car and caravan on our sale and buy back scheme is a new addition for 2012, and is ideal for those who are experienced caravanners, or confident about towing! It is important to note that whilst you can obtain comprehensive insurance for the tow car, the caravan will only be covered for third party when being towed, which you need to be aware of, however this option can be a much cheaper alternative to a motorhome, with a car and caravan combination available for well under £10,000 so ideal for those with a lower budget. The advantage of a car and caravan is of course the transport you will have available once the caravan is pitched up, we would of course suggest a smaller lighter caravan especially with the insurance issue, but a good 2 berth caravan can easily be purchased from around £3,000 upwards.

Finding a Classic Car for Sale

All of the stock can be viewed on our website, together with a selection of photos and a description, if you see one that is of interest and you would like more details or photographs, please do not hesitate to ask. If you are not able to find anything suitable then let us know your requirements and we will endeavour to find something suitable for you.