Registration & Road Taxes

Classic Car and Motorcycles

Owning a Classic car or motorcycle in the UK is simple and legal. In the UK title of the vehicle is passed to the new owner by cleared payment of the invoice for the vehicle, the registration document only contains  the details of the registered keeper, not necessarily the legal owner, so having a registration document in your name does not prove you are necessarily the owner of the vehicle. All vehicles sold by Chasing Classic Cars are checked to ensure that the seller has title to the vehicle, and if applicable we carry out an HPI (Hire Purchase Information) check on your behalf.

Registration of Classic Cars or Motorcycles.

Once you have paid for the Vehicle, title has passed and you are the legal owner (Unless you have purchased on finance). We transfer the registration document to your name as the registered keeper, and to complete the registration document you will need a valid UK address (unless you are exporting the vehicle).

Road Fund Tax

Classic Cars and motorcycles built prior to 1st January 1974 are currently exempt from vehicle excise duty (VED), this often changes in the annual budget, usually bringing more vehicles into the free VED scheme. All Classic road going vehicles in the UK need to either have a current VED disc displayed on the vehicle or be declared off road (SORN statutory off road notification), often owners will have 6 months VED for the summer months, then declare the vehicle SORN for the winter. Vehicles first registered after the free VED date of 1st January 1974, but before 1st March 2001 pay VED based on engine size (below 1549cc and above 1549cc)  currently £140 and £225 per annum (based on 2013-14 rules)

Insurance of Classic Cars or Motorcycles

Many Classic Car and Motorcycle insurance companies and schemes are available to suit your particular needs (check our links). Usually Classic Car insurance is cheaper than you would pay for your normal every day car, especially if you can find a scheme that gives an annual maximum mileage allowance. It may be possible to get a multi car scheme if you have more than one classic vehicle, and always remember to try the owners club for your specific make or marque, as schemes are often set up with advantageous rates. Make sure you insure the vehicle for an agreed value you are happy with.

MOT Tests

All vehicles in the UK currently require an annual MOT (Ministry Of Transport) test. Classic cars and motorcycles manufactured or registered before 1960 however are exempt from this test, you will need to complete a form V112 to obtain your free VED disc from a post office.