UK Classic Car Services


With our experience and expertise, it may be that we can help with your current or future classic car purchase or efforts to buy a classic motorcycle. To maintain your classic cars reliability and looks will need attention from time to time, from a simple polish and lubrication, to attending to any rust or paint problems etc. We have connections and trade accounts with many of the specialist services needed to restore or maintain your car or motorcycle.

Among the many jobs we can arrange are:

Paintwork: To keep your classic car in tip top condition, and to maintain its original looks and showroom shine, we can assist you with the following services: Full resprays, welding, small paint repairs or powder coating using the latest techniques and paints, and baked in a safe and dust free paint oven where required.

Wheel refurbishment: The important things that keep you moving along, these may occasionally need attention, often it is the small things that can let the overall appearance of your classic car down, we can assist you with the following services: Alloy wheel reclaiming, alloy welding and lathe turning, wheel truing, new spokes,re-chroming, paint or powder coating.

Upholstery: Although manufacturers in the main use hardwearing and durable materials, eventually use, wear and the sun can take its toll, we can assist you with the following services: Repairs or replacements in leather, vinyl, cloth including colour changes, hoods and tonneau covers, carpets etc.

Servicing: To get the most enjoyment from your classic car, you need it to be reliable, and feel confident to drive it on journeys without stress. We can assist you with the following classic car services: mechanical repairs, overhauls or complete engine or gearbox rebuilds, brake overhauls,  including specialist work to Mercedes, Jaguar, Mini, Ford, Saab, Triumph etc.

Electrical: Although many classic cars do not have the complicated electrical switches, ECU’s on board computers etc that current cars are fitted with, it is still important that everything electrical works or switches on when required, we can assist you with the following services: Simple wiring jobs, new looms, alarms, trackers and immobilisers, new fuse boxes and replacement of electrical components.

Recommissioning: Although it is not always possible or sensible to drive your car regularly all year round, often cars are laid up short term for the winter, or longer term when you know you will not find the time to use your car enough, we can assist you with the following services: Checking levels, brake operation, tyres, fluids, battery condition, and generally making your car or motorcycle roadworthy after a lay up.

Detailed valeting: A lot of people get personal pleasure in cleaning a classic car or motorcycle, however there may be times when you simply do not have the time space or equipment, we can assist you with the following services: hand or machine polishing and paint renovation, engine and component cleaning, powder coating, wheel refurbishment, rubber and trim dressing, leather cleaning.

In fact anything needed for your car or motorcycle, please contact us. We have facilities for safe and insured trailer collection and deliveries anywhere throughout the UK.

For more information contact us by e-mail or call us on 0845 2 60 60 88 (local rate call)!

Should you be considering parting with your classic vehicle, note that we do buy classic cars