Buy a Classic Car FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions When Buying a Classic Car

Q) What type of classic car should I buy?

A) Unless you are simply a collector, then buy a car that you really like. It is as important to buy a car you can enjoy, and not just buy it for its appreciation possibility. Some of the rarer cars are simply not inspiring, so why not buy a car you would like to have owned when you were younger but simply could not afford to buy or insure? Naturally convertibles and sports cars are always popular, but Iconic cars like the Mini, Ford Capri, Fiat 500, Triumph Stag E-Type Jaguar will always be sought after. See classic cars for sale page.

Q) Can I work on the car myself?

A) If you are a reasonably competent mechanic or good at DIY then doing some tasks will not only save you money, but should give you some pleasure and satisfaction. If you plan to do some of the mechanics yourself, choose a more basic car and avoid cars with complex electrics or fuel injection systems, unless you are prepared to pay to have those items to be repaired or serviced. We offer some classic car restoration services

Q) What about insurance and road tax?

A) Classic car and motorcycle insurance can be surprisingly cheap, many specialists will give low annual mileage cover, many classic car marques have owners clubs, which may have an insurance scheme, these schemes are often cheaper. If you plan to drive the car all year then get annual tax, however many get 6 months tax for the summer then declare the car of road for the winter months (SORN). Currently all cars registered before 1st January 1974 are exempt from road tax charges.

Q) Do I need a garage or storage?

A) A garage or storage is preferable, however some cars such as Lotus which are fibreglass, and many have galvanized chassis are perfectly alright outside with a winter cover. Certain makes and models are prone to rust so are better inside, if you do not have a garage they can often be rented locally for not a lot of money, and the new breathable outdoor winter covers are very good now, With careful winter preparation, and a good cover, not having a garage should not stop you enjoying a classic car.

Q) Who can service or carry out specialist jobs on classic cars?

A) You will be surprised at the industry that has now grown around the classic car market, with many specialist parts now being remanufactured, garages specialising in classic cars or one off makes, specialist paint shops, upholsterers, wheel refurbishing, just search out your local area. We at Chasing Classic Cars can arrange for any work to be carried out and with our trade car restoration rates you may be surprised how competitive we can be?

Q) I do not see a suitable car in your current stock list?

A) Our stock does change frequently but in addition we often know of cars that are available for sale, we can buy and sell cars on a commission basis, so if you want to buy or sell a classic car, please talk to us!

Q) What about delivery

A) We can arrange delivery in the UK, Europe or even export classic cars to anywhere in the world, please ask for details and a price